The goal of our missions committee is to provide as much outreach to our community as possible, as well as support international missions to spread the gospel near and far. 


Ray's Chapel participates locally in activities such as feeding our local sports teams [Northview High and Ernest Ward Middle] with meals and devotions on game days. We provide support and encouragement to the staff of local elementary schools with our BackPack Buddies program, to ensure children have food at home outside of school days. 


We support our local and state Baptist Assocation/Conventions. We support the local Health and Hope Clinic to provide medical care to the underserved. 


We have partnered with international missionaries in Macedonia as well as Honduras, and we strive to give generously to offerings that focus on international missions such as Lottie Moon Christmas, and Annie Armstrong Easter offerings. We are also faithful supports of the Maguire State Missions Offering and the Florida Baptist Children's Home. We support Mission Dignity, which provides supplements to retired pastorals/widows. 


We support other local missionaries who provide materials to churches in need. 


We have special funds utilized for supporting our church members who wish to travel for mission trips, as well as funds that help us to support local foster families. 


We also arrange activities throughout the year such as our Fall Festival, and participate in other local festivals and parades. 

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